Know your cat’s taboo behaviors – and never mistreat your cat

As pet owners, we should understand and respect our cats’ needs and taboos. This article will discuss some behaviors that may cause harm or discomfort to cats, and call on everyone to increase their awareness of pet treatment and never treat cats inappropriately.

Force feeding:picture

For cats, diet is the most important part of their lives. However, force feeding may cause problems such as indigestion, vomiting, and even gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, we should respect the cat’s eating habits, maintain a regular diet, and avoid overfeeding.

Rough moving:

Cats are very sensitive animals, and they have a certain amount of time to adapt to physical contact and environmental changes. Moving cats roughly can cause them to become nervous, frightened, or even injured. Therefore, when moving or adjusting the space where cats live, we should try to guide and adapt to them as gently as possible.

Long term imprisonment:

Cats are lively and active by nature and like to explore and run. Confining a cat in a small space for a long time will not only cause a decline in its physical function, but may also lead to psychological problems, such as anxiety and depression. We should provide cats with a stimulating and safe environment where they can move freely.

Violent treatment:

Violent treatment includes beating, kicking, pulling and other behaviors. This behavior will not only make the cat feel pain and fear, but may also lead to physical injury or emotional abnormality. We should guide the cat’s behavior through positive motivation and patient education, and establish a positive communication and trust relationship.

Improper drug use:

Medications commonly used by humans can be toxic to cats. Therefore, when treating or deworming cats, it is important to follow the guidance and recommendations of your veterinarian and never use human drugs indiscriminately. At the same time, cats also have allergic reactions to certain foods. We should understand these taboo foods and avoid feeding them.picture

Wrong way of touching:

Cats have their own preferences and habits for petting. Wrong petting methods can cause your cat to feel uncomfortable or even act aggressively. For example, prolonged and rough rubbing, slapping the cat on the head, etc. are behaviors that are not acceptable to the cat. We should respect the individual differences of cats, pay attention to the intensity and frequency of petting, and maintain good interaction with cats. As cat owners, we need to respect our cats’ needs and taboos. However, some behaviors are just too funny and totally inappropriate to treat a cat. This article will introduce some behaviors that make cats suffer punishment in a humorous way. Let’s laugh together!


Accusation of confusion:

“Meow, you are sleeping! This is the exclusive right of cat lovers! If you dare to play with fire, don’t blame me for bringing out the court judgment!” – Please don’t blame cats for sleeping, after all, they are the best at this in the world Skills expert.

Forced change of shape:

“Cats, you can’t always wear this black and white color scheme, it’s too outdated! You need a fashionable hairstyle!” – Cats don’t need us to design fashionable styles for them. They are born with their own uninhibited style and keep their original style. is the best.

Beyond dietary restrictions:

“Cat, you are always such a picky eater and don’t eat the delicious food I prepare for you. It really makes me angry!” – Cats have their own preferences for food. We should not force them to accept our whims of culinary creations, so as not to cause more trouble. Big disaster.

mind control:

“Meow, you must obey my orders. The orders I give are absolutely inviolable!” – Cats are not our personal slaves. They have their own will and choice. Respect their decisions to build a good interactive relationship.

Oral trial:

“Meow, you must be lazy! How come this mouse toy disappears on its own? You have been convicted of theft!” – Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly, maybe we just put the toy in the wrong place. Give cats a fair treatment, after all, they are innocent too!picture

Improper use of medications:

“Cat, look, this strawberry-flavored anti-itch spray smells great. Spray it on you and it will smell good!” – Please remember that cats are allergic to certain drugs, so don’t try to mix our Care products are used on them to avoid further trouble.

Ignoring hygiene needs:

“Meow, go lick your fur yourself! I’m too lazy to give you a bath!” – In fact, cats lick their fur to keep themselves clean. We just need to provide a good litter box and groom their fur regularly, don’t make them become mysophobic!


As cat owners, we must learn to respect our cats’ needs and taboos and not treat them inappropriately.

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