The reason why cats smell bad when licking their fur

Cats are one of mankind’s favorite pets. They are cute, independent and friendly. However, sometimes we find that cats’ mouths are particularly smelly, but strangely, when they lick their fur, they emit a refreshing smell. Why is this? Next, we’ll delve deeper into this issue.picture

First, let’s start with the reasons why your cat’s mouth smells bad. Cats have a lot of bacteria in their mouths, and these bacteria create odor. If your cat isn’t brushed regularly or has poor oral hygiene, bacteria can grow and cause bad breath. Additionally, cats may develop gingivitis or oral infections, which can also cause foul odor.

In addition to oral hygiene issues, your cat’s diet can also affect bad mouth odor. If your cat eats greasy or rancid food, the food particles left in his mouth will create an unpleasant odor. Likewise, if your cat eats food with a pungent odor, such as garlic or onions, the odor will be emitted through the mouth.

However, when we observe cats licking their fur, we find that the smell on their bodies is completely different from the bad smell in their mouths. This is because your cat’s skin secretes an oily substance called “lipid” or “sebum.” This oily substance repels water, protects the skin and regulates body temperature. At the same time, this oil also contains a special chemical substance called “lactone”. Lactones are sweet, aromatic substances that give people a pleasant feeling.

When cats lick their fur, they use the horny structures covering their tongues, which are called papillae. The surface of the papillae is very rough and can effectively remove stains and foreign matter from cats. During licking, the papillae on your cat’s tongue push outward from the base of the cat’s body, removing dirt and oil from the surface of the skin. When cats lick their fur, bacteria on the papillae are also removed, which can help reduce bad breath.

In addition, a compound called “subpantothenic acid” is distributed in the cat’s skin. Pantothenic acid is a scented chemical that is emitted through your cat’s hair. This is one of the reasons why cats emit a refreshing scent when they lick their fur.picture

Cats have a very stinky mouth, but their fur smells so good when licking it. This is really a confusing and funny phenomenon. Did the cat eat the lemon with its mouth before licking its fur? Or do they hide their toothbrushes behind their backs? Let’s reveal the secret of this delicious and smelly smell!

First, let’s talk about the reasons why cats’ mouths smell so bad. Did you know that cats actually love to eat, especially meaty foods? When they eat, they chew their food thoroughly and then swallow it at the speed of light. However, sometimes these little guys can’t help but “complain”, leaving a strange smell in their mouths. So, if you smell your cat’s bad breath, don’t blame it, it’s just the result of enjoying a good meal.

However, when a cat starts licking its fur, like magic, a magical chemical reaction occurs. Cats’ skin secretes a special oil that contains lactones, a super sweet substance. So when their tongues start wiping the hair on their bodies, these sweet lactones are released and fill the room with a wonderful aroma. It’s almost like a cat walked into your home with a bottle of expensive perfume.

Imagine if humans could do this, how great it would be! Every morning, after we wake up, we only need to lick our arms, and the whole body will be exuded with a charming fragrance. On the way to work, when passers-by smell our fragrance, they will stop and say: “Wow, this person must be a fragrant princess who loves cleanliness!” After work, colleagues can also rush over to give us hugs, because We have always had an intoxicating fragrance. Moreover, in this case, we don’t have to spend money to buy perfume anymore. What if it is stolen by a cat?picture

In short, this is the reason why cats’ mouths are so smelly and their licked fur smells like a garden. So, don’t be scared by cats’ bad breath. They are just enjoying the food and also bring us a feast of aroma. Next time, when you smell the fragrance of your cat, don’t forget to praise them: “Meow, you are such a charming little sweet-smelling princess!”

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