The owner was on a business trip to raise a cat, but a few kilograms of cat food caused trouble, and the poop scraper regretted it and wanted to cry.

The problem of scooping poop to feed pet cats, the shocking consequences after the owner goes on a business trip, the cat becomes fat like a ball due to “overeating”?

Leaving cats alone at home when away from home is often a problem for those cat lovers. Although they take great pains to prepare food, water and clean cat litter for their cats, many times, this decision may make them regret it.

After seven days of business trip, the cat gained a lot of weight!

Cats often lack self-control when faced with large amounts of food. While their owners are away from home, some cats will eat large amounts of food uncontrollably, leading to weight gain, obesity and other problems.

Obese cats are prone to diseases such as diabetes and arthritis, which are a threat to their health.

After five days away from home, the cat food was spread on the ground and became moldy.

Cat food left for a long time will easily lose its freshness and even become moldy and spoiled. High temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight can cause cat food to spoil. To maintain the freshness of cat food, it is recommended to store it in an airtight container and place it in a dry, cool place.

Using a timed feeder ensures that the cat can enjoy fresh food when the owner is away from home.

After seven days away from home, the cat is no longer so clingy

Prolonged loneliness can also have an impact on cats’ mental health. As social animals, they require regular interaction and stimulation.

Lack of adequate companionship can lead to a range of behavioral problems in cats, such as excessive cleaning or aggressive behavior. To maintain your cat’s mental health, schedule regular caregiver visits or utilize automated toys and smart cameras to interact with your cat.

Cat’s daily needs

Cats’ daily needs go beyond food and water. They need a clean litter box, a safe sleeping environment, and appropriate entertainment. Being alone for long periods of time may lead to a messy cat litter box, affecting your cat’s hygiene habits and health.

Ensuring there are enough toys and room to move around, as well as regularly cleaning the litter box, are crucial to your cat’s happiness.

It is recommended to choose pet sitting service

For owners who cannot stay with their cats for long periods of time, choosing a professional pet sitting service is a wise choice. These services provide daily feeding, litter box cleaning, play and interaction to ensure your cat’s basic needs are met. At the same time, some hosting services also provide medical care and emergency treatment, providing owners with extra peace of mind.

Some suggestions for scrappers

If your cat has to be left home alone, gradually reducing food can help control your cat’s diet. The timed feeder can feed the cat in stages according to the plan, preventing the cat from overeating at one time and keeping the food fresh.

Regular feeding also helps maintain your cat’s biological clock and reduces discomfort caused by hunger or excess food.

Pay attention to changes in your cat’s behavior

Even if your cat is alone at home only briefly, owners should keep an eye out for changes in their behavior. Any abnormal behavior, such as changes in appetite, digestive issues, withdrawal, or excessive aggression, may be a sign of a health or psychological problem in your cat. Observing and responding to these changes in a timely manner are important steps in ensuring your cat’s health and happiness.


Precautions before leaving home are crucial to keeping your cat safe. This includes ensuring all windows and doors are securely closed and removing potentially dangerous items such as fragile items, poisonous plants and small items.

At the same time, provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for cats and ensure there is enough water. Additionally, leaving a piece of clothing with your owner’s scent on it can help put your cat’s mind at ease.

When an owner has to leave home for a few days, simply placing a few pounds of cat food is not enough.

Cats’ health and well-being require owners to consider their dietary, psychological and daily needs.

Responsible pet owners need to take appropriate precautions and even consider using a professional pet sitting service.

Doing so will not only ensure that the cat is properly taken care of, but also allow the owner to go out with more peace of mind.

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