Dogs love to be touched in these places, touch it more and it will love you more!

Dogs have some places it likes to be touched by the owner, the more touch it will be more happy, the following small make-up to bring you to see what are the most favorite places to be touched by the owner.


Dogs have many nerves in their ears, making them a very sensitive part of the body. Gently stroking or rubbing your dog’s ears can make them feel relaxed and happy. However, you need to be careful not to apply excessive force or pull so as not to hurt your dog.


A dog’s tail is their organ of balance as well as an organ for expressing emotions. Stroking your dog’s tail can make them feel at ease and relaxed, but care should be taken not to pull or twist it excessively so as not to hurt your dog.


Your dog’s front limbs are one of their support organs and also one of the ways to express emotions. Gently stroking or kneading your dog’s front limbs can be pleasurable and relaxing, and can also strengthen your interaction and bond.


Your dog’s belly is one of their most vulnerable areas, but it’s also one of the areas that needs to be stroked the most. Gently stroking your dog’s belly can be soothing and relaxing, while also strengthening the trust and bond between you. However, it is important to note that you should not touch your dog’s belly easily when they are not familiar with you, as this can cause unnecessary tension and anxiety.

A dog’s head is one of their most sensitive parts. Gently stroking your dog’s head can give them a sense of comfort and security. At the same time, it is a way to show affection and let your dog know how important they are in your heart.


Your dog’s back is one of their longest parts and therefore one of the areas they like to be petted. Gently stroking your dog’s back can be soothing and relaxing for them, as well as strengthening the bond between you.

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