Dogs that show you their “tummies” usually have 6 meanings, don’t be fooled!

In the daily life, if you see the dog to show you the stomach, then you must not take it lightly, in fact, the dog usually do this has 6 meanings, don’t don’t understand!

Request for massage or petting
The dog’s abdomen is very sensitive, if the owner can give it a proper massage or caress, it will make it feel very comfortable and pleasant. The owner can gently massage the dog’s abdomen when bathing or combing to enhance the intimacy between the dog and the dog.

Physical discomfort or pain
If the dog frequently shows its stomach to the owner and is accompanied by symptoms such as loss of appetite and depression, it may be suffering from physical discomfort or pain. Owners should take their dog to the veterinarian for a checkup and treatment to make sure it is in good health!

Showing Submissiveness
In dog society, the weaker party will show their tummy to the stronger party to show obedience. Therefore, when a dog shows its belly to you, it may indicate that it thinks you are its leader or that it wants to show you obedience.

Requests to play
A dog may show its belly in front of you, especially if you have a toy in your hand or are playing. This shows that he wants to play with you or invites you to join him in his games.

Showing trust and closeness
A dog showing its belly is a way of showing its owner that it trusts and is close to them. This behavior is usually seen after a deep emotional bond has been established between the dog and its owner.

In heat
Female dogs may exhibit the behavior of lying belly up on the ground during heat. This may be a sign that they are displaying their attractiveness to get the male dog’s attention.

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