What are the symptoms of a cold in dogs?

Listlessness and drowsiness

Dogs themselves are active creatures, and they always keep tossing themselves, but if the little guy catches a cold, he will become different from usual.

In fact, their first symptoms of a cold are just like humans. Dogs will feel listless, lose interest in anything and everything, and are accompanied by lethargy.

When dog owners notice these strange things in their little ones, they should pay attention to whether their furry children are sick.

Taking your little one to see a doctor in time can cure it as early as possible.

decreased appetite

Dogs usually have good appetites. Basically, except for the food they hate, they will accept all comers.

If you have a dog with little satiety, such as a Labrador retriever , the Labrador retriever needs the owner to deliberately control their food intake, otherwise they will keep eating. Even when a Labrador Retriever is sick with a cold, the little guy’s appetite will drop drastically, he has no appetite to eat, and he is not even willing to drink water.

The owner can feed the dog the food that he usually likes and is easy to digest, such as nutritional cans and cooked chicken breasts to supplement nutrition in time, and give the dog more water.picture

licking nose constantly

Dogs will occasionally stick out their tongues and lick their noses to keep their noses moist.

But if the licking is frequent, the dog owner should pay attention at this time and check whether the little guy’s nose is constantly leaking mucus.

If the mucus that comes out is turbid or gray-green , then the little guy may be sick, and the reason why he keeps licking his nose is because the mucus keeps flowing down, and the dog can’t help but lick it off.

Moreover, dogs with runny noses will blow out snot bubbles when sleeping, so dog owners must not let them catch a cold at this time.

sneezing and coughing

Dogs usually make no other sounds except barking.

However, the first symptom of a dog’s cold is a cough, and a dog’s cough can sound like a bone is stuck in the throat, so many dog ​​owners mistakenly think that the dog’s cough is because the wrong thing has been stuck in the throat.

No matter what the situation is at this time, the dog owner should send it to a doctor in time.

And if it is sneezing, it means that the dog has caught a cold. At this time, the dog owner should pay attention to keeping the dog warm.picture

Watery eyes and bloodshot eyes

It is normal for dogs to have tear stains, but if the tear stains become more frequent and larger, it means that the dog sheds a lot of tears when sleeping at night.

And if it is accompanied by bloodshot eyes, it means that the dog’s body is in bad condition.

At this time, dog owners must not take it lightly and pay attention. The first thing to check is whether the dog really has a cold or is caused by other diseases. It is recommended to take it to a pet hospital for examination and treatment to avoid worsening of the condition.

At the same time, you should pay attention to your dog’s diet and living habits to prevent the occurrence of colds.

Feeling hot all over

If the body temperature of dogs is generally several degrees higher than that of humans due to their underdeveloped hair and sweat glands, this is a normal phenomenon.

If the dog’s temperature exceeds 40 degrees and needs to be cooled down immediately, you can wrap ice cubes in a towel and wipe the dog’s body to help dissipate heat, or take the dog to the hospital for antipyretic injections and use pet-specific cold medicine for treatment.

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