The dog suddenly went crazy and ran around the house. There are several reasons why

I believe all dog owners have encountered it. Their dogs run around the house very quickly for no reason, as if they were frightened.

In fact, the dog suddenly went crazy and ran around the house. The reasons are as follows~

emit energy

Dogs that are kept indoors or in restricted areas for too long will accumulate a lot of energy and energy. When they get a chance to release, they will start running wildly to release the accumulated energy.

chasing prey

A dog’s instinct is to chase prey, and they may start a chase because they see another animal or object of interest. This kind of chasing can make the dog become excited and crazy.

express excitement

Dogs may start to run away when they feel excited, possibly due to seeing their owner come home, seeing other dogs, smelling an interesting scent, or hearing an interesting sound.

escape from fear

If a dog feels scared or upset, he may run away to escape or relieve his feelings. For example, if your dog becomes upset by certain sounds or scenes, he may start running away.

Maybe he’s in heat

Dogs in heat may indeed exhibit some unusual behaviors, including running around the house. This is caused by changes in hormonal levels in the dog’s body during heat. It is recommended that families with no breeding requirements have their dogs neutered at the appropriate age.

attract attention

Dogs may run around to get their owner’s attention, especially if they are lonely, bored, or want to play. This behavior is usually done to gain attention and interaction from the owner.

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