Why do dogs like to lie on you? What are the main reasons?

I believe you have all encountered a dog lying on top of you. The dog is pulling on you because it wants you to hug you. Or sleep on top of you to keep warm while you sleep. So why?

1. Mark your territory

Never forget that dogs are still wild, untamed creatures and they still have the habits of wild animals. Lying on your things is one of his ways of marking his territory. It will want to use its own scent to stay where it wants to stay, thereby marking its “sovereignty”, and these things of course include you as the owner.

2. Be warm

Dogs yearn for the sun. They like warmth. When it’s cold, they will want to stay warm even more. They choose a suitable substitute, either a blanket or your clothes. If they like you, they may often lie on you. Heating, that goes without saying.

3. Feeling safe

Whether it is lying on you or clinging to you, it will make the dog feel safe. In essence, you are its protective umbrella. It will rely on and trust you, open its belly to you, and allow you to disturb its sleep. Time is very tolerant of you and will not lose your temper.

4. For comfort

Dogs still need a lot of sleep time, and some lazy dogs feel like they are sleeping every day, so they will want to sleep better and choose a comfortable place to sleep, such as a large and comfortable place to sleep. A soft sofa or your bed, your clothes closet, your body, etc.

5. Dogs love you very much

You may not be quite sure why your dog likes to lie on you, but it definitely includes the dog’s love for you, the hope of getting your care from you, and the sense of security when sleeping on you. It will even make a pleasant sound on you and want you to touch it more.

6. I like your scent

When a dog chooses to fall asleep on you, a large part of the reason is that you can give it enough confidence. It likes you and your breath, and will fall asleep when you are by your side. The frequency of your breathing also helps the dog fall asleep. Your breath makes it happy, making it feel relaxed and easier to fall asleep.

It is not a good thing for a dog to be too dependent on you sometimes. It is necessary to train the dog’s independence and try to let it learn to sleep on its own. After all, the owner cannot always accompany the dog to sleep. Train the dog more and use some snacks. Dried chicken, etc. can make it more obedient and more cooperative with you.

In addition to training independence, some toilet training, etc. need to be taught well so that the dog can better integrate into this society. The most important thing is diet. The health of the dog is the most important, so the best diet Keep it light and balanced, with dog food as the main food and the rest as supplementary food, so that the dog can get better nutrition.

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