When Teddy behaves like this, it means he is very “angry”, and you are so stupid that you don’t know.

Teddy also has its own emotions. Although they cannot speak, we can know their emotions through their expressions. When Teddy behaves as follows, it means that he is already very angry, and you still don’t know it!

make a low growling sound

When Teddy dogs are angry, they may emit a low growling sound. This sound is usually deeper and more powerful than normal barking, and can convey the dog’s dissatisfaction and threat.

Eyes alert

Another sign that a Teddy dog is angry is his alert eyes. They may stare at the object of their displeasure with wariness and hostility in their eyes.

stiff body

When a Teddy is angry, their body may become stiff and their tail may be tucked between their legs. This behavior usually indicates that the dog is very dissatisfied and may resort to aggressive behavior.

make an attack gesture

If a Teddy dog becomes angry enough, they may make an aggressive gesture. This usually involves showing teeth, growling or growling, and preparing to lunge or bite.

Teddy is angry, what should he do?

  1. Give comfort

The owner can comfort the Teddy dog through petting, hugging or other methods. This helps relieve their tension and makes them feel more secure and comfortable.

  1. Serve delicious food

When Teddy dogs eat delicious, rich and moderate amounts of food, their bodies will release some pleasant neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin, which can bring happiness and satisfaction.

So when Teddy dogs are angry or emotionally unstable, providing them with some delicious dog food may help relieve their mood. Recommend this “pet rate dog food”, add five types of meat: chicken + anchovy + duck + beef + tuna, the meat content is as high as 66%, good palatability, nutritious and delicious, add pumpkin + carrot + pear + cran Berries and other fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and meet the nutritional needs of dogs. They are produced by large manufacturers and have good product control and are tested by authoritative institutions, so you can buy them with confidence.

  1. Give snacks

Giving your Teddy treats can be an effective way to soothe him, especially when he’s feeling angry or upset. Treats can distract your teddy, reduce his stress and anxiety, and make him feel seen and loved. When choosing snacks, you should choose healthy ones without additives.

For example, this “Chongshu Chicken Jerky” is made from fresh chicken breast, healthy and zero-added, nutritious and delicious. It can be used for rewards, interactions, and can also be used to grind the teeth of dogs and satisfy their cravings.

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