For dogs, these 6 behaviors of owners are like “abandonment”!

In fact, in the hearts of dogs, their owners are their world, and what they fear most is being abandoned by their owners.

For dogs, these 6 behaviors of owners are like “abandonment”!

Dogs need their owners’ attention and companionship, and if their owners often ignore them, don’t interact with them, or don’t have time to spend with them, dogs will feel abandoned. Even if the owner is working or studying, he or she can still give the dog some attention and companionship, such as playing with them or giving them some snacks.

leave home
Dogs are members of the family and they need the companionship and care of their owners. Dogs can feel lonely and abandoned if their owners leave the house frequently and don’t have time to spend with them. Therefore, owners should spend as much time with their dogs as possible, or find other pets or dog friends to keep them company.

send away
If the owner decides to give the dog away or leave the dog with someone else, the dog will feel abandoned and helpless. They will think that their owners no longer need them.

locked in a cage for a long time
If the owner keeps the dog in a cage for a long time and does not allow them to move and play freely, the dog will feel restricted and lonely. They will think that the owner does not care about their freedom and happiness.

If the owner abuses the dog, such as spanking or punishing it, the dog will feel painful and unsafe. They will think that their owners do not love them and feel abandoned.

When a dog makes a mistake, it is best for the pet owner to adopt guidance and correction methods. Do not use violence against the dog, which will be counterproductive. Appropriately use some snacks to guide the dog what to do, and the dog will be able to understand it better. Recommend this “Greedy Freeze-dried Chicken Cranberry”, freeze-dried chicken + freeze-dried cranberries, medium-sized particles, nutritious and delicious, can be used as a training reward for dogs and to satisfy their cravings.

Forgot to feed
Food is very important in the eyes of dogs. If the owner forgets to feed the dog and makes the dog hungry, the dog must abandon it. Regularly starving your dog can easily weaken the dog’s gastrointestinal digestive function, which is not good for the dog’s health.

Pet owners should still feed their dogs regularly and quantitatively to maintain a healthy intestinal digestive system. It is best for pet owners to choose a dog food with high digestibility as the main food, which can protect the dog’s gastrointestinal health.

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