The golden period of dog training! For parents who have dogs, it’s not too late to know!

There is definitely a golden period for training. Parents who currently have dogs, it’s not too late to know now. Let’s take a look at when is the best time to train your dog!

In fact, there are no stupid dogs in the world, only owners who have not trained them. As long as you have patience, there is no dog that cannot be trained well. To train a dog, it is best to start from 3 to 6 months after it is born. This is The golden period of dog training.

Dogs during this period are particularly easy to train and are more obedient, so owners must not miss it!

When training a dog during this period, you need to pay attention to some things. During the training process, if the dog does not do well, the owner must not beat or scold it. This will make the dog hate the training.

When training a dog, you should give more praise to let the dog know that training is a fun thing!

Also, during the training process, you must pay attention to the issue of passwords. Never give some particularly complex and long password names. Once the passwords are fixed, they cannot be changed, otherwise the dog will be confused.

Therefore, when training a dog, the command must be simple and easy to understand, and the command must be given quickly!

The training time for dogs should not be too long. It is best to control the training time to about 15 minutes every day. If the training time is too long, the dog will hate the training and think that training is a very tiring thing.

When you usually take your dog out to play, you can train it while playing, so that your dog will be happier!

During the training process, don’t forget to reward. When the dog does well, the owner will give it a reward. Sometimes it can be replaced with verbal rewards, but it cannot always be verbal rewards. Without some snacks, the dog will You will reject it after a few times.

In addition, dogs are also in the growth and development stage during their golden period of training. In addition to caring about training issues, owners should also pay more attention to nutritional supplements. It is best to choose a nutritious dog food for them.

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