Whether your pet dog will live long or not can be determined by looking at one part of its body.

Every dog ​​owner hopes that his dog can accompany him for a few more years. Currently, a domestic veterinarian Chen’s published an article pointing out that the teeth of pet dogs are one of the key factors that determine the length of life. His pet team has treated 2,000 dogs in the past year, and most of them have health problems like dental calculus.

Dr. Chen pointed out that ancient Egypt had quite developed medical technology. Some doctors could even perform eye surgeries on patients, which shows how advanced the medical level was. However, the average life span of ancient Egyptians was only 30-40 years old, resulting in their short life span. The cause turned out to be tooth decay, which shows how important it is to have healthy teeth. Dr. Chen pointed out that during the consultation process, it was found that nearly 70% of dogs have dental calculus, and dogs with dental calculus have relatively poor skills in observing their bodies through appearance.

Dr. Chen pointed out that long-term dental calculus will slowly develop into gingivitis, gum recession, and will cause dogs to have severe bad breath.

So why does dental calculus shorten a dog’s lifespan? Dr. Chen explained that dental calculus contains a large number of harmful bacteria. The bacteria will produce mycotoxins after decomposing food residues. When the mycotoxins are absorbed by the body, they will cause harm to the dog’s body and cause chronic diseases. If things continue like this, the dog’s lifespan will definitely be shortened. Therefore, Dr. Chen reminds everyone that in order to keep your dog with you for a few more years, remember to clean your dog’s oral hygiene regularly.

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