A dog has already regarded you as its “mother”. These 6 signs show that it is obviously impossible to hide it.

Many pet owners dote on their dogs and treat their dogs like children. So if your dog also regards you as its mother, these 6 signs obviously cannot be hidden.

clingy dependence

Dogs can be very clingy and rely on their owners’ company. They will want to be with their owners all the time, whether eating, sleeping or playing. This display of clinginess and dependence is a clear sign that the dog treats its owner as its mother.

Likes to lick the owner’s face

Dogs often lick their owners’ faces, which shows their closeness and affection for their owners. In the dog’s mind, licking is a way to express intimacy and is also a puppy’s behavior towards its mother. Therefore, if your dog licks your face, it means that they consider you their “mom.”

Strong sense of protection

Dogs are very protective of their owners and wary of strangers and other animals. They will always pay attention to the safety of their owners and protect their interests. This sense of protection is a sign that the dog treats its owner as a member of its own family.

Likes to play with the ownerhttps://pics3.baidu.com/feed/fd039245d688d43f11fa25dad554c2160ef43b1a.jpeg@f_auto?token=9c4c1a48f13b8ec46aeab63a911f47b5

Dogs love to play with their owners, which shows their closeness and affection for their owners. During play, dogs will show a high level of excitement and motivation, indicating that they are very interested in their owner’s interaction. Therefore, if your dog plays with you, it means they consider you their “mom.”

Sensitive to the owner’s voice

Dogs are very sensitive to their owner’s voice, and they will quickly recognize and respond to their owner’s voice. When the owner calls their name, they will respond quickly and run to the owner.

Likes to sleep with the owner

Dogs like to sleep with their owners, which shows their trust and dependence on their owners. In a dog’s mind, sleeping is a very intimate act that can only happen with someone he trusts. Therefore, if your dog sleeps with you, it means that they consider you their “mom.”

However, there are some things you need to pay attention to when sleeping with dogs, because dogs shed a lot, so be sure to clean the bedding frequently. If you want to alleviate the problem of dog hair loss, it is recommended to comb the floating hair more often. You should also pay attention to a light diet. It is recommended to choose a dog food containing fish oil as its staple food.

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